Research Highlights

We have recruited more than 688 patients and families since the study opened in November 2010.

In June 2019, Dr. Douglas Stewart, the principal investigator of the DICER1/PPB Study was awarded NIH Scientific Tenure and promoted to senior investigator. His work on DICER1 played a significant role in these accomplishments. Please see this article for more detail about his tenure appointment.

We have celebrated our 10th anniversary of recruitment and look forward to the continued successes of this study. Our work has had substantial effect on the care of children and adults with a disease-causing variant in DICER1. The published research studies from the study have:

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How can I join?

All individuals with PPB or related tumors and conditions and their family members are encouraged to participate.

Phone: 1-800-518-8474 to speak with a member of our research team